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Randall Birnberg: International Speaker & Teacher/Expert in Positive Communication

"The Future of Positive Communication in the Digital Age"


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Are you happy and satisfied with your life? Do you often find yourself in situations with your partner, children or boss where it seems like your talking apples and oranges? Would you call yourself a positive communicator?

According to the experts, Positive Communication is focusing on relationships that enable individuals, communities and workplaces to thrive. Individuals eventually gain insights on self-awareness and are mindful of their thought and actions. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives...basically everyone wants to be happy.

Through Positive Communication, people learn about strengths, appreciation, goal setting and positive life satisfaction. They learn how to cultivate what is best within themselves and to enhance their experiences of work, love, and play. When supported by their surroundings and by an emotionally intelligent leader and management, employees will flourish both personally and professionally.  They learn that happiness is a choice, theirs!


My Expertise



  • Motivate personnel and staff in the area of life satisfaction and optimism
  • Show management how to create positive leadership skills and goal setting techniques
  • Create an atmosphere of self-trust and positive communication


  • Coach management and staff on building strengths and appreciation 
  • Enable personnel to thrive by introducing awareness and gratefulness techniques
  • Instruct management on positive leadership skills


  • Give university lectures on Positive Education
  • Help teachers find ways to focus and support student's strengths
  • Provide professors with additional positive academic tools to use among their colleagues 


  • Demonstrate ways to create flow experiences and healthy life choices
  • Empower folks both personally and professionally in the areas of positive emotions and goal setting
  • Energize individuals through laughter and curiosity in order to formulate a fruitful happy recipe




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