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Positive Well-being Educator

Interesting Times ... no worries: YOU already have the answer - let me give you the tools to find it...

Those of you that know me personally, know I’m a very positive person. I’m always looking for solutions to challenges and helping people find “inner” tools to create new and improved realities for themselves – this is my passion and calling and I’m so proud I’ve discovered it.

 Rand in a Nutshell:

  • Born and raised in Chicago, living in Germany since 1999
  • Author Awful-ly Happy
  • International Wellness Educator for individuals, companies, associations and universities
  • Expert in Positive Psychology
  • Member of IPPA, AGBC, ISQOLS
  • PhD Researcher on Happiness (Open University)

My Passion

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1 on 1 Self-Discovery Sessions​

These personal sessions will give you the tools to talk to the inner voice of  “I’m not enough” and eventually send it on vacation


Motivate and inspire large groups in the area of self-confidence, life satisfaction, social connectivity, intercultural tolerance and positive relationships 

Seminars/ Workshops

Train management and staff to focus on their strengths and introducing awareness, compassion and gratitude in the workplace

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University Lectures

Help professors with science based facts on “Positive Education” as well as how to spark their  students’ interest, both personally and eventually professionally 

Positive Well-Being Educator

For over 30 years, I’ve been an American educator and have been helping to develop the human potential that lies within each individual. Whether it was the Native Americans on the reservations in New Mexico or Italian street children in Rome, I always provided the crucial psychological tools to work out individual strengths, individual consciousness and self-compassion. Twenty five years ago, I brought my knowledge and experience to Europe. In university lectures, seminars and trainings, I “teach” doctoral students, business men and women, employees of international companies and private individuals and groups throughout Europe. 

As a happiness researcher at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I work within the relatively new science of happiness, also known as “Positive Psychology”. Positive psychology deals with human emotions, strengths, relationships, the meaning of life and our achievements. Through mindfulness and self-compassion, we increase our well-being and happiness – eventually building a positive relationship with first, ourselves and then with those around us. My current passion is to give people “tools” in one-on-ones, seminar, workshops, retreats and universities around Europe – eventually helping them build their own self-compassion and resilience during these very interesting times.

My Book

A Book That Teaches Resilience & Acceptance

I bring in the latest and most up-to-date scientific studies to explain how important and priceless my childhood actually was. I describe 20 indispensable and extremely useful lessons that have helped me become a more respectful son to my mom, a more positive role model to my daughter and a more dedicated and loyal partner to my significant other … and let’s not forget, a more supportive friend to those in my life.

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