University Lectures

Happy professors lead to happy students … leading to students who perform better!

Positive education is an approach to education that draws on positive psychologie’s emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning. Unlike traditional school approaches in which teachers attempt to tailor their material to a mythical “average” student and move the class altogether using the material through one teaching and testing style, positive schooling teachers use techniques that focus on the well-being of individual students.

Teachers use methods such as developing tailored goals for each student to engender learning and working with them to develop the plans and motivation to reach their goals. Rather than pushing students to achieve at a set grade level, seen through the emphasis of standardized testing, this approach attempts to customize learning goals to individual students’ levels. Instead of setting students to compete against one another, learning is viewed as a cooperative process where teachers learn to respect their students and each student’s input is valued.

  • Positive Psychology

    Explain Positive Psychology at the university level for both professors and students

  • Techniques

    Provide strength building techniques which ultimately lead to a more informed student body

  • Advise

    Advise professors and staff with methods on how to increase productivity, creativity and efficiency of the team

  • Demonstrate

    Demonstrate how specific positive tools can enhance student satisfaction

Keynote Speaker