December 03, 2019 St. Alban’s Centre – London

About the Conference
In today’s workplace, we can often find four generations working together under one roof: Baby Boomer’s, Gen X’ers, millennials (also known as Generation Y) and Gen Z’ers – all having their own unique characteristics, strengths, values, and attitudes toward work. These multi-generations are distinctively impacted by the societal and cultural environment they grew up in. Consequently, Leaders face more and more challenges on how to keep their teams motivated und unified – ultimately requiring a more empathetic and personable leadership approach. 

With millennials shortly becoming the largest age specific demographic group in the UK as well as already being the largest segment in the workplace, companies need to adapt and continuously change their corporate culture to fully integrate this rising generation of change makers. 

Tensions at the workplace can often arise between the different generations due to their different mindsets and expectations. Millennials tend to look for a more collaborative, flexible and meaningful workplace. For millennials, gone are the days when a rigid, autocratic leadership style brought in the desired results. Inclusion, collaboration, open communication and flexibility are now the key words for a successful working relationship. 

Companies, who are concerned with attracting, managing and retaining suitable skilled staff members will need to recruit talents from the ranks of millennials. This conference will address how business leaders and HR teams can successfully revise their strategies in order to meet the needs of their staff and enhance each generation’s talents so that successful organisational outcomes can be achieved. 

Additionally, we will explore how individuals can change from within to become a happier employee who is in alignment with the vision of the company and, at the same time, find more fulfilment in the workplace. One focus will be emphasizing on recognizing the “inner voice” that prevents employees from growing and developing a positive mindset in this multi-generational workplace. 

Join our experienced speakers / facilitators who will professionally provide intensive and interactive workshops. Moreover, there will be Q&A time and practice sessions with valuable and pertinent feedback.


✔ Managers

✔ Supervisors

✔ Mentors

✔ HR Practitioners – Talent, Strategy, T, D & L, HR Business Partners

✔ Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

✔ Coaches: executive, career, business

✔ Business psychologists

✔ Anybody at the workplace, who would like a better understanding of working in a multi-generational environment


The attendees will have the opportunity to:
✔ Understand the current challenges businesses and organisations face working with a multi-generational team

✔ Gain an understanding on the positive impact millennials can have on your organisation

✔ Examine what a millennial’s ideal work culture looks like

✔ Engage in individual and group reflective thinking and conversations

✔ Learn how to better lead and inspire millennials and capitalise on their strength to unleash their full potential

✔ Enhance your communication skills with others

✔ Empowering millennial employees to adopt a maverick mindset in the workforce

✔ Develop effective working relationships that result in better organisational outcomes

✔ Acquire techniques on how to avoid generational tensions

✔ Build up ways to form a meaningful work relationship

✔ Learn specific interventions to motivate, encourage and positively inspire millennials, as well as all generations on the work floor

✔ Managing and dealing with a younger workforce

✔ Create a productive workforce – among all generations


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