Positive Relationship Workshop


Positive Relationship Workshop, October 21, 2015

Do you have a partner? If so, would you call your relationship positive? What is a positive relationship anyway?

According to the experts, a positive relationship is one where both parties feel free to be themselves and at the same time can ask for what they need in a positive,concrete and specific way. This sometimes isn’t easy as judgement, criticism, expectations and our deep routed past baggage often get in the way.

In this Engish/German language workshop, you will learn how to find and be your authentic self in your partnership. Using time-tested role plays, you will also practice the techniques on how to ask for what you need without arguing or feeling unappreciated, items that often find their way into relationships. Participants will learn the process on how to support their partners and give them with they need and at the same time not losing yourself in the process.

Randall Birnberg, a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and Social Psychology PhD Researcher on “Life Satisfaction” will guide you through the science of Positive Relationships and give you hands-on techniques showing how to create that perfect partnership. You will walk away with tools designed to, in the end, make you a happier person in your relationships. Because isn’t that what we all deserve to be….happy.

We strongly recommend that you also bring your partner to this extremely valuable and useful workshop.

See you soon!

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