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Positive Communication & Wellbeing Seminar, November 08, 2016

Do you have positive communication in your relationships? Are your goals tied to your relationships and are you reaching your goals in a healthy and constructive way?

According to Positive Psychology, the science of happiness, positive communication is where each person is an active participant in helping create the other one’s positive future. The relationship starts with yourself and then extends to those around us. These relationships create positive emotions which science tells us is necessary to flourish. In an atmosphere of positivity, our strengths are discovered and we are able to move toward reaching milestones in our life as well as finding what we are truly meant to accomplish, our calling.

In this seminar, we will learn about the history and science of Positive Psychology. It’s principles are pillared in 5 areas referred to as P.E.R.M.A.

We will explain why the right proportion of positive to negative emotions are crucial for happiness as well as talk about ways to discover your strengths and eventual purpose we all have in life. Come join us?

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