Happiness is Everywhere


Aachen University – School of Education May 12, 2015

Lecture – Happiness is Everywhere…and the best….It’s Your Choice!

What is the top priority of our children? – Happiness, gratefulness, love, compassion, health, kindness, satisfaction. What is school teaching our children? – Math, discipline, literacy, test-taking, thinking skills. Unfortunately, there seems to be no overlap in the two lists…until now!
Positive Education in schools can be defined as “creating an environment in the classroom that supports the individual strengths, personal motivations and the overall well-being of each and every student.” Theory has it that a positive atmosphere in the classroom is conducive to a more effective and more productive learning experience. This lecture will speak to the history of PosEd and its growing popularity in the last 10 years or so, giving examples of schools introducing strength development and wellness.

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