What’s Next? Self-Compassion in Uncertain Times Webinar


What’s Next? Self-Compassion in Uncertain Times Webinar

Those of you that know me personally, know I’m a very positive person. I’m always looking for solutions to challenges and helping people find “inner” tools to create new and improved realities for themselves – this is my passion and calling and I’m so proud I’ve discovered it.

These days, I use the “Science of Happiness” or as we call in the science world, “subjective wellbeing”, to help people through difficult times. And make no mistake, with todays uncertainties, having self-compassion isn’t always easy.

Our self-compassion is largely effected by those „inner voices“- these voices are directly related to how we feel about ourself. In order to be successful both personally and socially, our self-compassion has to be present and very active. People with a high self-compassion are generally more healthy, both physically and emotionally. Ultimately they are more creative, solution-oriented and even … more altruistic.

In this 2 hour webinar, you will learn the exact meaning of self-compassion … and ultimately how to accept yourself for who you are.

These questions will be addressed during our seminar:

MENTALLY Where does my negative self-talk come from and how to manage it?

PHYSICALLY – How do I care for my body in ways that strengthen my self-compassion?

EMOTIONALLYWhere to find positive emotions?

RELATIONALLY – Am I in a relationship that is positive and constructive?

SPIRITUALLY – Have I found real meaning in my life and am I working in my passion?

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