One-on-one coaching intended to increase life and work satisfaction

In the late 1990’s the world of psychology began to turn itself inside out. Thanks in part to Martin Seligman who was, at the time, the leader of the American Psychological Association, psychologists began to question if there was another way to approach the pursuit of wellbeing.

A new brand of psychology emerged which, rather than studying mental illness, focused on human happiness and optimal functioning. These “Positive Psychologists” began to ask questions such as “What is it that contributes to the success of ‘highly’ functioning people?” and “What can we learn from those who are mentally well?”

To put it simply, there are two ways for improving our wellbeing: one is to rid ourselves of the negative things in our lives, the second is to strengthen those things that are positive – Positive Psychology emphasizes the second.

  • Techniques

    Train individuals techniques for better self-awareness and mindfulness

  • Exercises

    Provide self-reflection exercises designed to increase self-worth and and a more positive life satisfaction

  • Gratefulness

    Teach the science of gratefulness and show how it increases overall happiness

  • Character Strenghts

    Give guidance in the area of character strenghts intended to increase the chances of finding that perfect job

  • Personal Goals

    Set personal goals in order to provide the individual with a positive future outlook

  • Positive Relationship

    Practice positive relationship interventions that are guaranteed to improve interpersonal trust and awareness

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