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Come join us for a 2-6 day retreats coupling over 1500 years of the Shaolin teaching treasures of MIND, HEART, BODY with modern Positive Psychology “The Science of Happiness and Wellbeing”.

Day 1: Opening Tea Ceremony, Meet and Greet, Overview of Retreat

Day 2: Buddhist theory including 4 Noble Truths coupled with Positive Psychology  including The Science of Mindfulness, Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion.

Day 3: Buddhist 8 Noble Paths coupled with Positive Self-Management including Positive Emotions/Discovering Strengths  and “Fixed” vs “Growth” Mindsets

Day 4: Rap up of lessons learned…including both Buddhist and Western Science “takeaways”

You will leave with practical techniques and methods guaranteed to strengthen the mind and bring positivity in all your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself.

The retreat includes all meals during the 6 days, guided daily meditations, Shaolin Arts including theory and daily Qi Gong practice.

28. Juni – 1. Juli 2020 (4-Tage)
· 28. September – 3. Oktober 2020 (6-Tage) · ENGLISH
· 26. Oktober – 31. Oktober 2020 (6-Tage) · DEUTSCH

For more details, please contact the Shaolin Temple here