Come join us for a 6 day retreat coupling over 1500 years of the Shaolin teaching treasures of MIND, HEART, BODY with modern Positive Psychology “The Science of Happiness and Wellbeing”.

6-Day Retreat with Drs. Randall Birnberg, Abbot Shi Heng Zong and Shi Miao Hai.

October 26-30,  2021 (6-Day) – GERMAN

June 13-18,  2022 (6-Day) – ENGLISH

October 24-29,  2022 (6-Day) – GERMAN

You will leave with practical techniques and methods guaranteed to strengthen the mind and bring positivity in all your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself.

In this retreat, we deal intensively with the topic: “What makes us happy” and “How do we get lasting happiness”. We consider both from a Buddhist as well as from a scientific-psychological point of view.

The important points that are addressed include: dealing with emotions, past – present – future, how do we deal with anger, frustration, indecisiveness, unforgiveness, etc. How do we learn to manage our past and benefit from it? Issues such as self-management and compassion are also addressed.

Practical Qi Gong and meditation sessions will also take place in this retreat.

The retreat is offered once in German and once in English.
The instructors have years of experience teaching and guiding people.

Drs. Randall Birnberg has been dealing with positive psychology for years. He gives lectures and workshops and seminars in many well-known companies and also gives personal coaching.
Master Shi Heng Zong, as Abbot of Shaolin Temple Europe, is a Buddhist master who is concerned with the practical and practical teaching of Buddhism.

Shi Miao Hai is a novice at Shaolin Temple Europe and always impresses people despite his youth with his calm and relaxed manner and his enormous knowledge.

Both teachers from Shaolin Temple Europe are not only monks, but also pass on their knowledge to companies and managers in seminars on stress management, self-empowerment and conflict management, etc.

Practical techniques and methods to strengthen the mind and bring positivity in all of our relationships, especially those with ourselves, will accompany you home and in everyday life.
The retreat also includes all meals during the 6 days, guided daily meditations, insights into Shaolin martial arts with theory and daily Qi Gong practice.

The retreat includes all meals during the 6 days, guided daily meditations, Shaolin Arts including theory and daily Qi Gong practice.

October 2021 (6-Day) – GERMAN

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  • Glückliche Vergangenheit, 16.6.2021

Gerade die Kindheit umfasst etliche solcher Momente. In diesem ersten Seminar geht es darum, wie wir mit unserer Vergangenheit umgehen, was wir von ihr lernen und wie wir sie für uns nutzen können.

  • Glückliche Gegenwart, 23.6.2021

2020 war für jeden von uns ein schweres und herausforderndes Jahr.

Wie geht es weiter? Wann werden wir wieder zu unserer gewohnten Normalität zurückkehren können und was hält die Zukunft für uns bereit? Keiner kann uns auf diese Fragen eine verbindliche Antwort geben. Sehr wohl können wir jedoch Folgendes beeinflussen: Ein glückliches Hier und Jetzt zu leben!

Erlernen Sie, negative Gefühle in einen neuen Antrieb zu verwandeln und ein bewussteres und achtsameres „Jetzt“ zu leben!

  • Glückliche Zukunft, 30.6.2021

Ertappen Sie manchmal Ihren inneren Pessimisten auf frischer Tat?

Es liegt in unserer Natur, uns emotional absichern zu wollen, um nicht enttäuscht zu werden. Aber ist das wirklich gesund? Wer in eine glückliche und zufriedene Zukunft starten möchte, muss vor allem eines: seiner inneren negativen Stimme Einhalt gebieten und die eigene Einstellung aktiv verändern.

Gemeinsam mit Drs. Randall J. Birnberg erlernen Sie, in diesem Seminar Ihre innere Einstellung nachhaltig positiv zu beeinflussen, damit Ihrer glücklichen Zukunft nichts mehr im Wege steht!

Die Medienhaus Akademie präsentiert Ihnen die Online-Seminarreihe “Neue Normalität – Achtsamkeit gestern, heute & morgen” .

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“EKELHAFT GUT GELAUNT” (AWFUL-LY HAPPY) Seminar, September 07, 2016

In this one of a kind presentation, Randall will share his personal experiences and quest to find his own happiness. He will also enlighten his audience with the science that supports positive relationships and individual wellbeing. His humorous delivery coupled with his unique Ocher platt Southside Chicago accent will entertain you and at the same time bring you closer to finding your own individual life satisfaction.

He will close up the presentation with some simple “Takeaways” designed to immediately get you started on your own personal quest.

He will remind you that everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, the economy, the weather, an argument, or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Everyone deserves to be happy and satisfied!

It’s your choice!

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Randall Birnberg Awful-ly Happy Book

Horizont Wissen

Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Creativity Seminar, June 14, 2016

What are you inner voices telling you? Do they support your decisions? Do they build you up…..or tear you down?

Our self-esteem is largely effected by those inner voices. Self-esteem is affected by physical ill-health, negative life events such as losing your job or getting divorced, deficient or frustrating relationships, and a general sense of lack of control. Hence, in order to be successful both personally and socially, our self-esteem and self-confidence has to be strong and solid enough to believe in ourselves. People with a high self-esteem are more creative, more solution-oriented and generally more healthy, both physically and emotionally.

In this seminar, you will learn the exact meaning of self-esteem and self-confidence. Additionally, we will practice scientifically proven techniques to increase your self-esteem and help you lead a more happy and relaxed life. Come join us!

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Horizont Wissen