Come Join Us for 4 days of Positive Psychology and Vegan Living! 

Date: May 24-27, 2019  

Biotique Hotel LA VIMEA, set in the picturesque South Tyrol, just 15 km from Merano in northern Italy, is a one of kind location. Their philosophy: Vegan, Organic, Sustainable, Regional & Seasonal and Handmade, simple as that.

This luxury ecological location features a meditative park with an organic herb garden and veggie bed. A wellness and relaxation area complete with a hot stone lounge and local wood heated sauna and swimming pool. Cruelty-free and organic beauty products throughout the hotel.

This 4 day event will start with an overview of the health, environment and ethical benefits of vegan living.

During the retreat, you will learn:

  • Working Through Our Challenging Childhood, “It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood”
  • The Art of Mindfulness
  • Self-Compassion and It’s Many Positive Effects
  • “Growth” vs. “Fixed” Mindsets
  • The Practical Uses of Positive Psychology

You will leave with practical “takeaways” guaranteed to bring positivity in all your relationships, including the relationship with yourself.

Your 4 day half-board retreat includes: a variegated slow food breakfast buffet and a 5 course creative dinner

Date: May 24-27, 2019               

Room Costs (including Breakfast and Dinner):

123,00 €  per night and person in the double room

160,00 € per night in the double room for single use

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Seminar Costs:

369,00 € per person (4 day retreat)

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