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Kennen Sie das Potential zum Glücklichsein

Kennen Sie das Potential zum Glücklichsein, das in Ihnen steckt? August 18, 2015 Der ein oder andere wird sich jetzt fragen: Was ist „Positive Psychologie“ (PP)? PP ist ein neuer Forschungs-Schwerpunkt der Psychologie und beschäftigt sich mit der Erforschung der Stärken der Menschen und den Bereichen, die das Leben lebenswerter machen: positive Emotionen, positiven Charakter […]

Positive Relationship Workshop

Positive Relationship Workshop July 15, 2015 According to Positive Psychology, the science of happiness, a positive relationship is one where each person is an active participant in helping create the other one’s positive future. Each of us needs to fully ‘show up’, be present, listen, express ourselves and care for the other….that requires time and […]

Unleashing Our Potential Through Positive Psychology

International Forum for Business, Science and Technology June 11, 2015 “Unleashing Our Potential Through Positive Psychology” Randall will first speak about his own experience growing up in an Italian restaurant family in Chicago and the importance of working in pleasant surroundings. He will then explain what PP is, the history and the four pillars of […]


Happiness is Everywhere

Aachen University – School of Education May 12, 2015 Lecture – Happiness is Everywhere…and the best….It’s Your Choice! What is the top priority of our children? – Happiness, gratefulness, love, compassion, health, kindness, satisfaction. What is school teaching our children? – Math, discipline, literacy, test-taking, thinking skills. Unfortunately, there seems to be no overlap in […]


The Secret of Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Hannover Trade Fair, April 17, 2015 Keynote – The Secret of Positive Psychology in the Workplace Eine weise Person sagte einmal: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Sie sind ein Manager mit einer großen Personalverantwortung und eine Ihrer größten […]

Happy Euregio Session

“International Day of Happinesss” March 20, 2015 On March 20th from 18:30 to 22:00, the aniversary of the United Nations designated “International Day of Happiness”, our Happy Euregio Session will talk about how people and business owners around the world are trying the so-called Science of Happiness to build thriving communities, companies and governments. Two decades […]

Happy Euregio Lunch

In 2013, the United Nations designated March 20th as the “International Happiness Day.” Our March 20th, 2014 event will discuss how entrepreneurs around the world are trying the so-called science of happiness to build thriving companies. Two decades of research suggests that happiness at work—defined as pleasure, engagement, and a sense of meaning—can improve revenue, […]

Positive Psychologie und stärkenorientierte Beratung

Positive Psychologie und stärken orientierte Beratung mit Simone Bayer und Randall Birnberg Die „Positive Psychologie“ unterstützt den Ansatz einer positiven Lernumgebung: Menschen lernen dann am besten, wenn sie persönlich gesetzte Ziele erreichen, die ihren Stär- ken entsprechen. Lehrende können dies unterstützen, indem sie loben, Kooperationen unterstützen und konstruktives Feedback fördern. In diesem Workshop werden die Elemente […]

Feliz Mallorca

  Feliz Mallorca April 28, 2017 17:30 – 19:30 h in the office of MALLORCA HOCHZEITEN S.L. in Andratx, C/Sallent 20 WE ARE LIVING IN INTERESTING TIMES. MANY PEOPLE ASK THEMSELVES, “AM I DOING THE THING I LOVE?” AND “IS MY WORK FULFILLING?” OR BASICALLY “AM I HAPPY?” We spend on average of 8 to […]