Everyone has a story to tell. In each and every story, we’ve learned something that prepares us for the days ahead. We have all had an amazing life with unique expierences and fantastic adventures. Looking back, we can choose to see our life as years of learning, successes and growth or times filled with failures and bad relationships, In the end, it’s a choice … yours!

Below, I’ve given my life story in short. I see the past 60 years as an amazing journey and I can’t wait and truly look forward to what happens later today, tomorrow and beyond.

  • Born and raised in Chicago, USA
  • B.A. International Communications. Studied Psychology / Marketing / Public Relations
  • M.A. Liberal Arts/Humanities. Emphasis on Philosophy, Literature, Political Science, Psychology, History, Religion and Economics
  • Doctorand (Phd) Social Psychology


Here’s my story:


My full name is Randall James Joseph Birnberg; I was born and raised in Chicago. During my childhood, my family owned a few Italian restaurants. I started working in the business at an early age and loved pleasing people. This early experience, I have discovered, is the reason for my business and service oriented strengths.


After high school, instead of working for the family, I decided to go to college; I attended Loyola University and studied Organisational Communications. While there, I excelled in Psychology, Marketing and Public Relation. I also studied the Italian language as my family is part Italian. Ever since I was a child, a life long dream of mine was to travel to Europe and study; well that dream eventually came true. In 1985, I had the incredible opportunity to attend a sister school of Loyola University in Rome. I studied one year abroad and it was living in Italy in the 80’s that convinced me to come back to Europe and make it my home; I am living one of my dreams.

After receiving my B.A., I moved to New Mexico to attend St. John’s College. That program was amazing! I lived and studied in the mountains of Santa Fe and at the same time worked on my New Mexico State Teacher Certification at the University of New Mexico. I received my M.A. in Liberal Arts with emphasis on philosophy, literature, political science, history, psychology … etc. This education led to my participation in a program that focused on Native Americans and leadership skills. While working with these young teens, I also taught Language Arts and Drama in a tri-cultural public middle school. That experience truly taught me to have more respect and understanding for all cultures.


In 1999, I moved to Aachen and started my own company coaching and training businessmen and women in the area of business communications. Since English is my native language, companies also benefited from the additional English training my coaching provided. I have trained Emotional Intelligence to CEOs, customer service skills to sales teams as well as presentation and negotiating skills to upper management.

Most recently, I have concentrated my efforts on lectures and seminars in the relatively new field of Positive Psychology. Companies are discovering that a healthy atmosphere around the office means happy employees and happy employees means more production and a host of other benefits. Common sense, right? Well now science backs this up. With this, I have found my true calling in helping companies and individuals flourish.

In 2013, I started my dissertation and finally my PhD with Ruut Veenhoven, Director of the World Database of Happiness at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. My work primarily focuses on U.S. citizens living in Germany and their state of “subjective wellbeing”.


Some more personal things about me you might also want to know. I have a wonderful 27 year old daughter; she has enriched my life so much. Watching her grow up has been pure joy.

As for my hobbies, I am an avid reader and and I love to question why things are the way they are. I also write and play music and have my bi-weekly ritual of playing basketball with the boys … I’m from Chicago, remember?

Lastly, if there is anyone I can’t thank enough for my wonderful journey, it’s my brother Bob. He has been an inspiration for me my entire life. I am so grateful to have him as a bro and as a true true friend.

Thanks again for reading my bio and if you want to learn more about Positive Psychology or how to be more satisfied with your life, please contact me. I’d be happy to help you, your company or your students/clients find true happiness. Remember, happiness is always a choice … yours!